Each year the organization of the LED consists of students who are members of one of the six study associations for Econometrics and Operations Research in the Netherlands. Those six study associations are united as the Landelijke Orgaan der Econometrische Studieverenigingen (LOES). The six study associations that are represented in the LOES are: Asset | Econometrics (Tilburg University), FAECTOR (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Kraket (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Vectum (Maastricht University), VESTING (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen), and VSAE (University of Amsterdam).

The LED 2025 will be organised by students of the study association FAECTOR, the study association for Econometrics and Operations Research of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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From left to right: Shanna de Haan, Pauline Cox, Maud van der Zande, Ambre Moedersheim, Minke van Zijl, Kes Visser