Established in 1998, we're a fully regulated proprietary trading firm that thrives as a liquidity provider (market maker) on Europe's most prominent option exchanges. With our base in Amsterdam and our recently opened office in Austin, Texas, we're on a mission to leverage our expertise and scale our success by implementing proven trading strategies in the world's largest financial market, the USA. This offers you an exciting opportunity to be part of our expansion journey.

Joining All Options means becoming a highly skilled (quantitative) options trader, as we're committed to assembling a team of top-tier talent armed with the most innovative ideas. Our true strength lies not just in what we do, but in how we collaborate and grow together, making every moment at All Options stimulating and profoundly rewarding.

We firmly believe that our team members should consistently feel both challenged and supported. That's why we encourage employees not only to take ownership of their work but also to step boldly out of their comfort zones. As we're dedicated to your success, we provide all the tools, resources, and mentorship needed to help you thrive.

Join us at All Options, where you'll be part of an extraordinary team dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in proprietary trading. Together, we'll craft a future that's both remarkable and rewarding. Are you ready to be a vital part of this incredible journey?

Embrace our exciting All Options challenge at the LED and embark on a journey that will challenge your analytical and problem-solving skills. Get ready to dive deep into the world of profitable option trading strategies and gain priceless insights into the practical application of option theory – the very techniques our seasoned traders employ daily.

During this challenge, you won't be alone; you'll collaborate in teams, pooling your talents to craft the ultimate strategy that maximizes profit while managing risk effectively. The challenge concludes with a market making game where you will compete against your fellow students for the prize of the day.At the end of the afternoon, you'll have the unique opportunity to engage with a few of our expert (quant) traders. Ask questions about All Options, discover more about the Junior (Quant) Trader role, and delve into the fascinating world of market making. Don't miss this chance to kickstart your career as a trader in options market making.


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AVERAGE AGE                                  29


LOCATIONS WORLDWIDE                  2
EMPLOYEES WORLDWIDE                  10

MEN - TO - WOMEN RATIO                     80% - 20%