The National Econometricians Day (in Dutch: Landelijke Econometristendag, abbreviated as LED) is the largest annual recruitment event for students in the fields of econometrics, operations research, data science, and actuarial sciences in The Netherlands. On this day, over 600 students get the opportunity to orientate themselves on their future careers and get in contact with their potential future employers.


Together with a wide range of companies, we provide interesting speakers, cases, and speeddate sessions to make this edition a networking event to remember! Do not miss out on the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to give your career a kick-start!

The day is centred around broadening your knowledge of companies that are interested in students in the fields of Econometrics, Operations Research, Data Science and Actuarial Sciences. During the cases, you'll get an insight into what type of work the company does, and work on the provided case. For some more general information, and to ask your own questions, you can walk around our Company Fair or join the Speeddates. The recruiters are there to answer all your questions, and to get to know you as well!


The LED is aimed at all students in the fields of Econometrics, Operations Research, Data Science and Actuarial Sciences in the Netherlands in their third year or higher. In order to participate at the LED, you need to be a member of one of the six study associations for Econometrics and Operations Research in the Netherlands. If you are not a member yet, you can contact the study association at your university for more information. To make sure that the LED is also open for international students, a lot of companies offer their cases in English. This is indicated by a British flag next to the case description.

In order to keep the LED available for all students, we do not use CV selection.