Probability & Partners is a fast-growing consultancy firm specialized in Risk Management for the financial sector. We serve banks, insurers, pension funds, asset managers, family offices, and FinTechs. We help our clients in many ways; from building- and validating complex models to the
temporary fulfillment of (board level) positions. To ensure our work reflects the latest insights, we keep close ties with academia and perform internal research.

Risk taking is a central part of the business model of our clients. We help them to safeguard that these risks are taken responsibly and consciously. We believe that a diverse mix of people is required to excel in risk management. By combining former risk managers with seasoned consultants and academics, we are able to give high-quality advice. The result of our approach is that clients like to ask us for help with problems that are not straightforward, but require knowledge of a wide range of methods and a thorough understanding of the problem context.

Our culture can be described as open. Our philosophy is that if you want to be involved, you can be involved. We believe that every colleague can make a significant and visible contribution to the firm. To facilitate a healthy work-life balance, we allow you to compensate extra hours for off-days. As we also want our people to be happy with the work they do, we are selective in the assignments we accept and make sure they are interesting and challenging.

Our team is highly international, with colleagues from Aruba, China, Surinam, Russia, Hungary, Mexico, Ukraine, and Italy. P&P is therefore an English-speaking company. To keep up the team spirit we organize a social event at least once a month, such as sailing or our regular nerd night.

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Every month the ECB holds a press conference in which the most important benchmark rates are set, and in which forward guidance is given. These announcement are followed closely by financial institutions and financial market participants, and can have significant short- and/or long-term
impact on these institutions.
The students will examine the impact of an ECB rate setting announcement (either Hawkish or Dovish) on the risk profile and/or business strategy of a financial institution. During this case we will consider the institutions we primarily serve: banks, insurers, asset managers, and pension funds.By taking the role of a CRO, students will assess the quantitative and qualitative impact of (potential) ECB announcements on the financial institution he/she manages. During the case, students will be supported by our partners and sector leads.

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