Mark Tuitert is a former Dutch speed skater who won Olympic gold in the 1500 meter event at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. After retiring from competitive speed skating, Mark has continued to make a positive impact as a published writer, sharing his experiences and insights on topics such as stoicism. As a sought-after speaker, Mark shares his wisdom and knowledge on how to develop a resilient and focused approach to life, drawing on his experiences as an Olympic champion and adopting a Stoic Mindset.


‘How do you hold yourself up in the storm of life? How do you deal with uncertainty, when things don’t go the way they should? No struggle, no victory’, says former speed skater Mark Tuitert. He has been ‘there’ and still challenges himself every day.

The Olympic gold medallist has broadened his horizons, becoming co-founder of First Energy Gum, producing his own ‘Drive Podcast’ as well as being a trainer at the online fitness platform Fitchannel. Inspired by the ‘stoics’, Mark is, in turn, inspiring others in his first book, “Drive: Train your Stoic mindset".



Mark Tuitert has an inspiring story which he shares candidly. Like no other, he can make a clear connection between professional sports and business. The former speed skater’s energy is contagious, as he provides helpful tips & tricks that encourage you to achieve your goals and dreams.

He discusses important topics such as: personal leadership, a Stoic mindset, teamwork, dealing with setbacks and uncertainty, and working efficiently. How do you cultivate resilience? How do you set goals for yourself and with your team? How do you deal with setbacks? And what exactly is drive?

Mark employs the principles of Stoic philosophy in his own life and delivers these lessons to you in an entertaining way.